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Minecraft Description

Minecraft is a very magical game, I think for a long time still did not find more suitable than magical adjectives, as a senior Minecraft fans, really did not expect one day to write such a review. It has always been my favorite stand-alone game. The contents of this game, you can study the first half. Almost the same amount of time it takes to master English. The more you study, the more you feel addicted. The fun of the game, not just a short review can be said clearly. This is the moment a magical work known as the degree of freedom and creativity - God made!

Survival mode: This is the preferred mode for every new player, and the focus of this mode is survival. For the old players, the game is not difficult, but for novice players, it is full of challenges. Survival mode which has the presence of satiation and health values, the first problem for novice players is the problem of food and clothing. There are many things you can eat in the game. Random from oak leaves burst: apple, planting, or collected watermelon, potato, carrot ... ... obtained by slaughtering animals: chicken, pork chops, mutton ... ... made from a specific ingredients of bread, cookies , Cake ... and so on. In general, this game, starvation is the most unpromising death.

Survival mode specific ways of life, has a general idea: the construction of shelters, the development of agriculture, the development of animal husbandry. The shelter is a must in this game, because once it is night, monsters will be constantly refreshed. This is basically fatal to novice players without weapons and without armor. Agriculture and animal husbandry, for novice players, are basically for food.

Create a pattern: It is not recommended that novice players experience this pattern directly. Having some idea of ​​the game, I got my own idea, but because of the lack of material, it is difficult to realize, you can open the mode of creation and start to try my own thoughts. Every successful attempt will bring a great sense of accomplishment.

Among the modes of creation, apart from the colorful stars of fireworks, flags of various designs (flags of various colors are available), and the end dragon dragons burst from the end of the dragon. All the materials in the game are easily accessible. This model is the stage where the old players play their imagination. Numerous stunning world of work is born in this model.

Create mode, there is no life of the players and fullness section. Monsters will not attack the player, the player will not be any harm (piercing the bedrock underground, fall out of this world, then, or will die), free to fly, an instant destruction of various boxes. You can use the command code teleport, adjust the time, adjust the weather, access to goods .........

It can be simply understood that the mode of creation is God's mode. Players almost omnipotent. Your creation will be without any hindrance.

Synthesis system: The game has a very large synthesis system, each synthesis formula is very simple and easy to remember, just need to put the material in the workbench to the general appearance of the object, you can create the corresponding items.

Running through a large synthetic system of materials, none other than the non-wood. After 1.8 version, the game has 6 in the wood. The shape of each tree is different, the color is different. Wooden items produced are not the same, however, wood sticks synthesized from wood, the original attributes of the wood has lost, no longer have the color difference. The use of this material is very extensive, whether it is early game or the late game, this is an irreplaceable material. So that the spread of MC among them "want to be rich, first 撸 tree" argument.

Brewing system: Brewing system brewed items are all kinds of syrup, the synergy of these syrup is very powerful: instant treatment, continuous injury, slowness, night vision, scuba, fire, poisoning ... brewing requires a specific brewing station, Glass bottles, and a variety of materials that can be used for brewing. Brewing system in the game's early role is not obvious. Its greater role is reflected in the late survival mode, such as the end of the war Dragon. Need to prepare some syrup.

Enchanting system: synthetic paper with sugar cane, synthetic paper and leather books, books and wooden bookshelf synthesis, with books, obsidian, diamond synthesis with magic. After that, the player can open the enchant system. Enchantment can only enchant items and tools, divided into: enhance attack power, improve defense, improve work efficiency and similar special skills such as underwater breathing. Four enchantments. Enchantment can be accompanied by a random enchantment, you can also use enchanting book + anvil for precision enchantment.

Game Biota: Creatures are roughly divided into neutral creatures, hostile creatures, and bosses. Most of these neutral creatures can be killed or captive. Such as chickens, pigs, cattle, sheep ... Most of the hostile creatures are monsters, such as zombies, skulls, the end of the shadow of the game ... ... which creatures in the far more than the players imagined to be much larger, different environments are also different Creatures. For example: hell there ghost, flame, zombie pig. Other creatures that do not exist outside. And each creature is not exactly the same, for example: zombies include ordinary zombies, various armor zombies, little zombies, and funny chicken knights.

Three games map:

The main world, the main world is infinite. Is the main venue for the player's activities. It is also the world with the most and most biota and all kinds of plants. There are different types of relics.

Hell, hell portal (obsidian + flint) to enter, with several specialty monsters, and hell relics, but also unlimited.

End of the land, the final boss Dragon Shadow Dragon where the need to pass through the end portal. Which is full of black, as well as a strong end of the dragon. After defeating the last Shadow Dragon can see the customs subtitles, just after reading the subtitles, you can still continue the game.

Redstone circuit: Redstone circuit is the game among the highest technical knowledge of the system, the hands of the Reds in the hands of cattle can do almost anything, in reality, which can not be achieved perpetual motion machine, which is in the game can be achieved with the Redstone circuit . The basic principle of redstone is, non-door principle. Not less than the Redstone props, constitute the mysterious Redstone circuit system. Is the crowning touch of the game.

In addition to the above highlights, the game also has a planting system, and planting system corresponding to the huge plant system, all kinds of relics, special boss, props system derived from the synthesis system and so on all kinds of exciting content here Xiao Bian Not introduced one by one. Friends to the game to dig it.

Perseverance and creativity of the gods, often come up with some of my ordinary players unimaginable work out, let us kneel after reading the video. Summarize roughly divided into several kinds:

Fantastic cool Roller Coaster: a grow longer Redstone tracks, coupled with a car, you can take you to enjoy all the MC's landscape. A variety of high-energy way, simply can not stop.

Exploded buildings: Someone in the game built an incredible huge city, a team of about 30, according to the drawings, built in a month's grand giant system, is enough for me to wait for ordinary players for a year, This is still under the premise of the design drawings. Interestingly, many of the authors of these works are learning architectural design.

Sophisticated to the terrifying Redstone circuit: a player with Redstone, repeaters, note boxes successfully played a lot of world famous music, "a song," the area of ​​a glance beyond sight. Just press a button each time you start playing, or pull down a lever. It is also a very cool Redstone elevator, red stone traps, Red Rock Garage and a series of incredible works of Red Stone.

Although there is no fixed task in the game. However, players will still according to their own preferences, evolved a variety of occupations. Farmers keen on fully automated farms, adventure-keen adventures, obsessed architects, scientists obsessed with Redstone circuits, and miners and peasants playing for the most common ordinary players.

The game has a high degree of freedom and unlimited possibilities. It is God. Players can build blocks inside, you can also create a city inside, everything depends on the player's own understanding of the game, and their hobbies. Although it is a pixel game, the game's scenery, but did not play what the discount, the beauty of the future has been recognized by all Minecraft players, of which the background music, are also very high analogue, with headphones, enter Another pure world.

However, some problems plagued for a long time, why eggs can not eat it? Must make a cake to eat? Why the creatures inside will meaninglessly rotate? What are they thinking ...

The game's exciting game content is far from complete. In short, this is a quality game worth the time to study.